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Denman Island Guesthouse

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* Stay and pay for three and get a night free
* Free wifi,  * Free pancake breakfast,

Offer not applicable April through Sept    

1.    Camping $20.00 per site (single only) 2 or more $17.50 ea
2.    Shared accommodation $24.50/night 
3. Private single $45.00
4. Couple $59.95
  5. Family room $72.95


Hostel licensed patio

The saw wall

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Guesthouse kitchen and to back patio

Guesthouse living room

is a old 1912 farmhouse that has house travelers for 40 years or so. A variety of  accommodation arrangements and is conveniently located near "downtown" Denman Island. Amenities also include an outdoor hot tub, fire pit internet access, common kitchen, laundry, camping, bike rentals.

The Bistro

A laid back place to sit back and enjoy a light snack and a great cup of coffee.. We are excited that thing are evolving in the Bistro. We have introduced a host of fresh organic grains for resale

 The property maintains its guesthouse private rooms but it operates with the spirit of a hostel. Common living areas, kitchen and bathrooms. Our property is within 1 km of the ferry so leave the car at Buckley Bay and save a few dollars on the ferry.    


Behind the scene at the Guesthouse.

We love glass landscape features

Check out the 8 or so glass features

The Coffee Vending.  In the beginning we thought selling coffee at music festivals would be fun, and it is, 16 years later and hundreds of gigs under our belt we have  sold coffee in almost every situation. We have had a relationship with the PNE and have sold coffee at their 17 day fair for 15 years. So if you need help with the coffee at you event we probably could help. We can operate our coffee business in three styles, indoor with a traditional bar and canopy, Small volume events  with a stylish little trailer or for those big gigs a larger tent operation with 24 feet of service area.  Click to book the bar.


BBQ coffee roasting

Coffee Roasting Some years ago we started roasting our fair trade organic coffee. We specialize in small batch roasting. We don't burn our coffee choosing the darker side of medium. Bringing our coffee to a full bodied medium roast allows the subtle essences of the coffee to rise to the to the top. Everyones coffee is good but what makes and exceptional roast is the time between the roast and consumption `fresh is better. We ship our coffee within 12 hours of it being roasted so yous can truly enjoy a fresh cup.

Products by The Earth Club Factory   an eclectic array of products that celebrate sustainable , recycling and fairly traded ideas, products and manufactures . Soaps, essential oils, bath products, teas and our home roasted organic fairly trades coffees. Our small batch roastery ensures  your coffee is fresh. Grain mills, composters, energy conservation, jewelery and ethical clothing and giftware,   Recently we have introduced a glass kiln to our operation so drop in and see whats new.

Thing to do on Denman vary depending on your interest but ...

Denman village is the heart of our community with all of the commercial activities including the guesthouse with accommodation,bistro, laundry, bikes wifi, studio. Towards the heart of the village you will find the craft shop, bakery and in the heart you will  find the general store, community school, community hall, senior center , real estate , hardware and Abraxis book store and Ambrosia import store.

Living on Denman.  We feel blessed with our little chunk of paradise. There are a few really unique reasons why we all live here. Unlike many beautiful places Denman exists without really buying in to large developments. Everything survives on a macro  level. Family run businesses, accommodation, stores, builders, crafters.

Denman's community hall is the center of numerous performances from one end of the spectrum to the other.  The arts center and the craft shop are both cooperatively owned and operated facilities. Both facilities showcase talented artists and artisans. In fact we have one of the larges densities of artisans for our population.

Located at the Old School in the center of Denman our recycle depot and free store is by far the coolest  thing I think Denman has to offer. A traditional recycle depot  but included is a free store. Not unlike a second hand store but we islanders bring in anything we have no use for and pass it on to other islanders, clothing, kitchenware , sports equipment, books and Cd's.   Its like treasure island every Saturday morning. April through mid October Denman's farmers market operates selling all our island plants and crafted notions.

Other notable events include the readers and writers festival ( July) home and garden tour (May) pottery tour (March) blackberry fair ( Labour day) and boy do we have a great Christmas Fair, (December)

The provincial parks

Boyle Point Provincial Park at the south end of the island past the Hornby ferry terminal  rises 20-40 meters above the rocky shores. The high elevation gives Boyle Point several  vantage points, with views of Eagle Rock, Hornby Island, Chrome Island and Vancouver Island. The forest trail that loops through the park is an easy one-hour hike. Wildlife lovers will find bald eagles, great blue herons, kingfishers, ducks, sea lions, seals and even sometimes whales at Boyle Point.

Fillongley Park faces Hornby Island to the east and its long sandy beach is a perfect spot to catch the sunrise. Miles of walking, great fishing, and view of the   coastal mountains greet your eyes to the east. Swimming at Fillongley is best when the tide is high, and beach combing is ideal when the tide is low and there are lots of oysters to sample.   This park also has nature paths along Beadnell Creek, through old growth cedar and fir trees, and into expansive meadows.
Finally  a Denman sea kayak experience  is Sandy Island Marine park located off the northern tip of Denman. It boasts rare wildlife and plants.  Sandy Island became a marine park in 1966 when its 81 acres were recognized as a tropical ecosystem  The warm water is ideal for swimming, and the beach is comprised mostly of white sand and ancient native midden . Fires are banned year round and there is no fresh drinking water available on the island, but there is a dedicated camping area  Amongst a beautiful stand of ancient Douglas fir trees, it has picnic tables  and  tent sites. Visits by kayak include the Chrome Island petroglyph's off the south tip of Denman Island, and nearby Hornby Island, especially on Friday nights when you can catch some live jazz at the Thatch

Denman Conservancy Nature Reserve
The Denman Island Conservancy  has created a short path that is accessed off of Lake rd that meanders close to the edge of Chickadee Lake . The beautiful hand carved and painted signs  guide visitors through the wildlife found in the refuge. Please note that fires and camping are strictly prohibited in the Reserve.
Central park operated by the Denman Conservancy is a 100 acre reserve that connect Fillongly to the center of the island.


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